Melanie, the owner of Akasha Collagen, has always been passionate about wellness products, natural skincare and organic foods.  This resulted in her training as a natural therapist some 25 years ago.

After several years seeing private clients concerned with sickness and ageing she then went on to start Skin for life NZ and Sabore Organic Skincare & Makeup. The last 15yrs Skin for life & then later Sabore, have been supplying organic products and aesthetic equipment to beauty therapists throughout New Zealand.

When Collagen first became a thing, instead of jumping on the band wagon straight away, she decided to do further long term testing and research and here is what she found:

1. Yes, good quality Collagen really does make a big difference to your skin, hair and body.

2. It appears from asking more questions and researching further, a lot of Collagen products on the market are of poor quality or have cheap fillers in them, making it overpriced and necessary to take larger amounts to get good results.

3. Some major brands in fact import their Collagen from Asia, but claim the product is from NZ or imported elsewhere so people don't really know exactly what they are putting in their bodies.

At Akasha, we are passionate about producing natural, pure Collagen that makes a big improvement to your skin, hair and nails. No gimmicks, no nasties, just pure Marine Collagen that makes a difference.


Melanie - Managing Director



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