Q. What makes Akasha collagen so great? 

A. During manufacture a special gentle enzymatic process is used that ensures the finished collagen has a unique amino acid profile, delivering enhanced efficacy.

Q. How long will it take to see results from taking Marine Collagen?

A. If taken daily you should start seeing good results in approximately 4weeks. Although 10 grams is the recommended dose, our testers saw good results on 5 grams daily also.

Q. Can I use your Marine Collagen products if I have a seafood or shellfish allergy?

A. Unfortunately not, Marine Collagen is derived from fish.

Q. Does your collagen help with acne?

A. Because collagen plays a key role in healing acne scarring, taking collagen helps speed up your skin's natural healing process.

Q. Can I take collagen if I am pregnant or Breastfeeding?

A. Marine Collagen should not be taken during pregnancy however using Marine peptide collagen before & after pregnancy and breastfeeding will  support fascia (connective tissue), ligaments, and joints as the body is about to start growing or recovering from pregnancy.

Q. Can men use Marine Collagen?

A. Yes! a lot of men are starting to use collagen products to help support their muscle, joints, ligaments, skin and hair growth.

Q. Is this Collagen vegan?

A. No it is not, our collagen is derived from fish.

Q. Does the Collagen  contain gluten or dairy?

A. Our Collagen is gluten and dairy free.

Q. Does your Collagen contain additives?

A. Akasha Collagen contains no fillers or additives.